You said what? No you didn’t!

I was sitting in the lunch room, minding my own business when one of my employees decided to make an entrance. The first thing out of his lips was how anxious he was for the weekend. Granted, this weekend is a three-day event for many (though not for me or my writing staff) so I can appreciate his zealous expression. Unfortunately, I don’t think it career sound to talk to the person signing the paycheck that his mind, heart, and soul are two days from now (and work).

As a result, I began to wonder what other inappropriate things are stated to bosses (or fellow employees within earshot of their boss) without realizing the consequences. With this, I began a quick list and welcome your input beefing it up (think of the benefit an extended list would do for our children and their career aspirations).

Here you go; the “you said what?” list follows:

  • I can’t believe the wild night last night, I got so wasted I can hardly function with this splitting head ache (how many times have you made such statements? I’ve heard this way too many times and in several ways)
  • I checked and I think we need to have a chat later this afternoon (as an employer, I hate it when this happens as each company is different—as are employees’ salaries)
  • Just got my period and have the worst PMS (no additional comment required)
  • Does anyone have any Visine?
  • Hope I don’t have to do a drug test today
  • (when speaking to a peer at the next cubicle) Hey, check out this job on
  • Let’s shut down, it’s 15 minutes before quitting time and it takes 15 minutes to get ready to leave
  • I was not late… I was sitting in the parking lot for the last ten minutes so I was technically here (I actually had a receptionist use this excuse twice… second time she was let go)

No doubt you can think of many more. Who know, perhaps you even “accidently” said too much at the wrong place and time. My words of advice: put yourself in your employers shoes… think about what you say BEFORE you say it.

If you would like additional information or assistance in any other career-related manner, don’t hesitate to reach out and send your request through the comment section. If preferred, email us directly at or visit us at (search Danny at ECS).

Danny Huffman, MA, CEIP, CPRW, CPCC
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