Creative Careers: Selling Your Art

Artists Square’s CEO, Racquel Cruz, asked fellow artist Candy Buckley, to expand on several challenges when it comes to selling art. No doubt Candy’s firsthand knowledge and experience will not only sound familiar for many, it will also prove to beneficial for up and coming artists.

When selling your artwork as a career or means of income, what is your target audience for your art type? What has been your greatest challenge in finding your audience and selling your work?”

I like to think that my style of art is diverse enough that it would appeal to a wide range of people. The type of art that I do is varied and greatly depends on my mood. I have pieces that would most likely appeal to more of a “New Age” audience, but I also have art that could appeal to any type of audience. I don’t stick with one style of art, my work ranges from contemporary to abstract and everything in between.

Career Tip #1: Don’t’ be afraid or shy to get your work out there via the many social networking sites available.

I enjoy working on several different projects at one time. I tend to get bored quickly so I find that this method keeps my mind working and my creative juices. While I of course would like to sell my art, I don’t cater to a particular type of audience.

One of the greatest challenges when trying to reach any type of audience is finding the best way to get work noticed. This is such a competitive field and there are so many extremely talented people out there that it’s sometimes very hard to find ways to stand out, so to speak.

I found that one very useful tool is social networking sites, such as the Artist’s Square. While these sites do normally have a large number of members, it is still very simple to showcase your work and hopefully get the attention of other artists and therefore prospective buyers. Facebook happens to be another of my favorite sites for advertising my art. I’ve created a page that does just that and truly enjoy interacting with the pages members and getting their feedback.

Career Tip #2: No matter which career field you find your passion, never compromise your creation.

There are many other ways to generate an audience and become a successful artist. It’s up to each individual to find his or her perfect fit, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with taking advantage of multiple venues at once.

Submitted by: Artist’s Square Member MoonDancer. View her work at:

Thank you Candy for your helpful insight.

Danny Huffman, MA, CEIP, CPRW, CPCC
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2 thoughts on “Creative Careers: Selling Your Art”

  1. I’ve always wanted to be an artist but now too old. Not to mention finding people to buy seems like an impossible task. Thanks Candy and I do love your work.

  2. Shannon,

    When is to old to be an artist? Hate to disagree with you but I feel one is NEVER to old to follow their dreams and passions. I suggest that you go for it and when you get into a little bump in the road, take advantage of our blog, ask questions, and allow Racquel’s group from Artist’s Square to help you along the way.

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