Career Advantage: Highly Sensitive Precision

DSC_0057Ever find yourself getting hung up on details? Maybe your job is the fast-paced, big-picture kind, and maybe you find it frustrating. For highly sensitive people, details matter, and they matter hard. In the wrong place and to the wrong person, this can look less than desirable.

For the HSP, if the results of meticulous work are not instant and obvious, there is a tendency to be standing on the short end of criticism. For those not understanding what it means to be an HSP, there seems to be unfair finger-pointing, even to the point of being accused of procrastination, lack of dedication, or worse…

Reality Check: Being an HSP does not necessarily mean that you are easily distracted, lazy, or uncommitted. Being an HSP might just mean that you have a skillset that is not being utilized where you are.

That skillset is your attention to detail. It is precision. And that is something that many companies desperately need from you are unable to recognize only because they are unaware of the multitude of advantages you offer to a company’s bottom line.

Reality Check: How one is perceived and defined too often depends upon social conditioning and, unfortunately, social ignorance.

The Highly Sensitive Person’s brain does take longer to process information, but it does so more thoroughly than the average person. This means that the Big-Picture people can run around all day, overlooking things in trying to keep up. Truth is, companies need someone like you. Company’s need those who will keep them afloat with details that could be overlooked in pursuit of the big picture.

Showcasing the HSPs much needed contributions, suppose you were to notice an area in your workplace that could be improved with some fine-tuning only someone like you are able to recognize and resolve. You then take a moment to brainstorm ways that you could be of assistance in that improvement. Upon developing a strategic plan of action (as an HSP would do), you address the situation to your superior, highlighting an action plan and a most-likely result(s). Not only will your ambition be admired, but your ideas may be implemented. Who knows where you might go from there?

If you are looking for new employment, and you would like to utilize your precision, consider the marketable art of programming. There are a ton of training courses online, many of them free and fun for beginners. As you move up, you can find yourself subscribing to a site that could lead you directly into a career upon certification.

For more information on these training programs, check out this blog at

The Highly Sensitive Person is a uniquely added value requiring an innovative career management portfolio and plan. Over the next few weeks we’ll evaluate effective and industry-tested cover letter and resume strategies for your advantage.

Stay informed, confident, and know today is not just another day.

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