HSP Career Advantage Wrap-Up

For the last few weeks we discussed the inner strengths and talents of Highly Sensitive People (HSP). While there are many career advantages to being Highly Sensitive, they do come with stipulations.

Stipulations are what today is about.

K Smith NBA Orlando
K Smith NBA Orlando

You see, for the Highly Sensitive, stimuli are much stronger. Lights, sounds, excitement, touch, etc. Being Highly Sensitive means just that – they are much more sensitive to their environment. If you have been identified as one, you know exactly what I mean. If you are not HSP, no doubt you’ve come across quite a few… perhaps scratching your head as to why such sensitivity (by your non-HSP standards).

It is difficult to label HSP as a “condition,” and it is certainly not a “handicap.” Being a HSP merely means a difference in the way the brain processes information and stimuli, and this can, like all things in life, have ups and downs. The downsides of HSP can often seem overwhelming while the upsides can often seem out of reach. Good news: neither extreme has to be the case.

Highly Sensitive People are capable of intense levels of creativity, empathy, intuition, precision, and passion that others are not able to attain. Given the right environment, these traits flourish into powerful energies, catapulting company expansion, product ingenuity, and even cultural progression.

For the HSP fearing exposure, you possess the catalyst propelling progression. In the right career, HSPs can impact people in truly great ways.

Residing in a culture proposing to embrace diversity, recognize one basic truth: You are NOT alone.

To the HSP career advantage, company’s growth depends upon diversity, ingenuity, creativity, and energy defining your character and contributions. Take heat in knowing the HSP offers value above and beyond applicants competing in for the same job.

Sure, there may be a few minor accommodation factors requiring attention, but companies seeking growth know the effects HSPs have on the bottom-line. Here’s where packaging the product (you) comes to the forefront. (We’ll be discussing best-practice selling techniques for the HSP in upcoming submissions—so don’t touch that dial.)

Truth is, you may have to prove the work produced when well-accommodated is worth a few slight inconveniences. If you can do this or if you already have, the world may soon be your oyster. If insecurity is beginning to filter in, push it out and know you don’t have to work from home in order to flourish.

Honesty is always the best policy, not only to you but also to the company as a whole. To best balance optimal performance, find out the level of accommodation you need and do what is necessary to acquire it. Not only will it be worth it to you, but it will be worth it to those that benefit from your unique and powerful skillset.

I’d love to hear from you! E-mail or comment with any questions or concerns.

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