Holiday Career Advantage: E & E

Knits by Elaine
Knits by Elaine

Sure you have a lot on your plate. It’s the holidays. All of the excitement in the air is balanced by the work you are doing. You’re preparing for family, and that alone takes be physical, mental, and emotional effort. There’s so much to be done… cooking, cleaning, shopping, rearranging, scheduling, decorating, and the works.

Here’s a plan: Instead of feeling overwhelmed by chores and chaos, get some Experience and Exposure with a seasonal job. Students, entry-level candidates, and experienced professionals, if you’re unemployed and looking for that perfect career, don’t pass up an opportunity to make some extra money and add to your resume. Money aside, there are benefits to working a holiday job that strongly outweigh the work. And these will exist at whichever job you find.

Experience and Exposure are the two things you should be looking for; not only in seasonal jobs but in every step you take toward your career progression. Gaining hard skills (experience) that can be utilized anywhere from your home to your job should be a constant goal regardless of what path you are pursuing. In addition to experience, exposure should be a constant goal. Maximizing exposure gets your smiling face out there while enhancing hard and soft skills for the world to see. Throw in professional networking and the world may soon be your oyster.                                                                                   

Maybe your favorite store needs a temporary cashier or stock person for this busy season. This way, not only will you be somewhere that you enjoy, but you’ll get discounts for being there! Managers jump to hire people who have a passion for where they work and are willing to share that passion with customers. To secure discounts while securing cash and fun is a winner for all participants.

This time of year is magical for so many people. Wherever you decide to find a holiday job, be it at a store or a theme part or Christmas tree tent, you will share a part in someone’s holiday spirit. You’ll see families looking for perfect gifts or events, and you’ll see children who see magic in the air. Being a part of the moment could renew your spirit this year and stay with you for a lifetime… joining this bandwagon brings more than a hayride.

Take advantage of the holidays and become active… sitting around sipping eggnog may be nice, but there’s so much more… all you have to do is try. It’s never too late to live this holiday season to the fullest.

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