Career Success: Reflection


Last week, you had a chance to let your dreams run wild on paper. Did you surprise yourself? It’s perfectly normal if you did. When I did this, I came up with at least two career ideas I had never before seriously considered. Either way, it’s time to take out those daydreams and reflect on them to pinpoint new and exciting possibilities.

Wondering where to begin? Wonder no more…


We’re going to start this reflection with what we did in the middle of last week’s assignment. Chug some water, put some headphones in, and go for a brisk walk. Getting your blood pumping helps you think clearer while boosting your mood for positive reflection.

Get Started

Now, find a comfortable sitting position and lay your brainstorming sheets out in front of you. By this point, these ideas have been bouncing around in your head anyway, so you are probably noticing an inner reaction to certain ones. Perhaps you’ve felt more excited about one idea than others. Maybe you’ve even started fantasizing about pursuing one of your dream careers… don’t be shy, we know you did!

First Cuts

Whether you drew a brainstorming chart or made a set of lists, now is the time to go back over them, removing career ideas that are definite negatives. Don’t cross out any that you’re willing to consider, even if they have more “cons” than you’d care to see.

The only things you want to rule out, at this point, are careers with a high risk to reward ratio. Other than that, this is the time to truly explore possible options… while exploring one thing you cannot forget: KEEP IT REAL.


If something stands out to you as a position or career you can see yourself doing, but perhaps you see obstacles that could get in your way, this is where you prioritize. Ask yourself what really matters. What do you want in a career? What matters most to you?

Go ahead; take an honest moment to reflect as to what you really want in a career…

Remember: This is not about finding something easy. This is about exploring possibilities of a calling that you may have ignored out of some disillusioned obligation to practicality. Maybe you were told (and actually believed) that what you really wanted to do wasn’t practical or you couldn’t do it.

Don’t let your life be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Don’t give in to negative cycles of thought or unwarranted criticism from others. Break free and be the person you are meant to be. If you know for sure that you want to do something, then any sacrifices that must be made will be worth it.

Whether or not you keep a journal, write down this reflection time. Keep track of how you made the decisions to cut ideas from the list, what made you keep others on, and what your priorities are when searching for that perfect career. This will come in very handy and can help keep you accountable while you’re on the actual search.

We’ll be discussing the power of affirmations and visualizing your career in upcoming publications… so keep tuned in.

Good luck, have fun with today, and look forward to the great things tomorrow offers!

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