Using Online Tools to Gain Your Interview Edge

DSC_0024The world is a global village; the internet and digital resources continue to play a key role in making this a reality. Having said this, it is mind bugging to know people are still not taking advantage of the opportunities the internet affords them.

The birth of the internet comes with a rising number of Social Media and Networking sites which makes communication and rubbing of excellent minds indispensable. Top Social Media and professional networking sites such as Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and a host of others can give a candidate added advantages in preparedness for an interview.

Recognizing knowledge is power, especially when it comes to career success, let’s take a look at some added advantages gained by using online tools and resources to prepare for an interview:

  • Researching the company: Using the internet to research a company gives you insight and information concerning the company you’re interested in. Be sure and become more than familiar with the company mission
  • Learning about top skills employers are looking for in a prospective employee: When you attend an interview, you want to be in a position of strength by knowing you have the skills and educational background of the job you’re interested in
  • Identifying local employers and top hiring companies: Many sites provide information concerning top jobs in the market and companies that are hiring
  • Searching for job listings: Sites like O-net and Twitter are valuable assets when it comes to following companies and searching for job listings. Also, online networking sites give you an opportunity to make amazing professional connections with different people which keeps you afloat in terms of being informed

When faced with questions like ‘tell me what you know about our company.’ or ‘you tell me what attracts you to our company?’ the only way you can be prepared to answer such questions would be if you have taken time to research the company AND job.

To your advantage, many candidates show up for a job interview dressed to impress but hit a dead end when the conversation turns to the company itself.  Researching about a company using online tools available is very pertinent AND your advantage.  If you cannot state the reasons why you’re attracted to a company or say all you know about them as an entity at the snap of a finger, it would be difficult to sell yourself as a great fit for the company. BTW, you do not have to memorize the company’s entire profile but at least browse their website and go to their “about us” section.

CC Career Tip: Not knowing anything about a company is an immediate red flag

Make that Connection: In addition to browsing a company’s website and learning a thing or two about them, the internet is also a great tool for Professional Networking (making valuable connections). On a personal note, I know a several people who lost their jobs but made valuable connections to land them a new job or even a better job by staying in touch with their professional online connections. You can ask questions, ask for help in reaching prospective employers, using the Social Media sites like Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and a host of them are important tools that can afford you that opportunity.

Get Connected!
Alache Mary Bagna
Your CC Connection

7 thoughts on “Using Online Tools to Gain Your Interview Edge”

  1. Dressing for success is an key point to achieving your employment goals.
    How you dress speaks volume about how you really feeling about yourself.
    The colors you wear can express what moods you are in !
    If the colors are bright and loud you would think it means you are happy and cheerful.
    The business world may look upon you as being playful and not serious.
    Successful business colors are normally blue, gray and black!
    Red is a party color, for after work evening attire,unless combine with the corporate traditionally colors.
    You bright colors may be great on a date! So save them for such an occasion.
    The rule may not apply if it is a Spirit Day.
    Employee are ask to be uniformed for team events.
    It shows your team spirit
    Would you hire a person in a bright yellow suit or even take them serious. Really?

    1. Then again, an individual wearing a bright yellow bowtie may infer confidence… an attribute many organizations would find valuable. I do appreciate and agree with your comments and look forward to reading more.

  2. I feel like this would help me get the job twice as likely! I never looked up the company name before I just applied. This tool must be used and will pay off when you are in the interview. I will do this in my next interview and see where it goes.

  3. I agree with the first two paragraphs of the article. The internet is a working wonder. Anyone is able to fond anything they are looking for just name it and it will pup out. Anyone is capable to retrieve great feedback regarding job interviews.

  4. great ideas on how to be connected and research information about the company. This is a big plus for me because I never thought of that. One should at least know some information about the company because some interviewer might want to trap you with that type of question. Don’t allow it to be a red flag.

  5. I could not agree more. I have failed job interviews for not knowing very much about the company I was trying to work for. Dressing proffesionally is nice but it doesnt always tell you what kind of person, your interviewee is. But you can always use more than the internet, hearing from current or past employee or newspapers and such are good at telling you what kind of company, the company is.

  6. From now on I will research before I make any decision on weather the company offers are legit and are reliable and I have the capabilities to perform what the chosen company needs.

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