Sit back, relax, and enjoy the wait, or not!

DSC_0093You nailed the interview, sent a thank you note, now what? What happens after the interview is totally in your hands?

Research shows that along with a thank you note, the follow up phone call is the least used way of checking the status of your application.  This phone call is not only beneficial to you, but helps remind that interviewer of your keen interest in the position and company.

CC Connection Tip: A simple follow-up call keeps your name fresh in the interviewer’s mind.

Is it rude to call you ask? Not at all, especially if you set the phone calls up at the end of your interview. Before she shakes your hand and bids you on your way, she typically asks if you have any other questions. Your answer should be yes, followed by “when do you expect you will make a decision?” The interviewer then will give you a time frame therefore, setting up the phone call.

How soon is too soon and how many calls are too many?

Keep in mind the time frame given and whatever you do, do not call ten minutes after you walk out the door. Within the next few days, make a professional call. If the interviewer is not available to receive your call, leave a message. If she does not return your call, try one more time. If you receive silence once again, perhaps it’s time to cut your losses and move on.

Remember a follow up call can become a double edged sword do so not be the stalker… nothing good comes out of that.

CC Connection Tip: One (or two) calls can made the difference.

With so few taking that extra step, you can be in the driver’s seat quickly. Truth is, the only person that can make that phone call seem rude or classless is you.

Penned by:
Louann Alicea
Your CC Connection

9 thoughts on “Sit back, relax, and enjoy the wait, or not!”

  1. I would like to thank you because iv always wondered how many times you should try to contact an possible employer with out it seeming like you are being to desperate .

  2. I usually call the manager a couple days after I put in a application but was not sure what exactly to do after the interview. Reading this gave me a couple helpful tips to know what to do after my next interview !

  3. Ok now i understand this reasoning to edge yourself to make that call and let the employer now that interest you have is there.

  4. This article was very helpful. It gave me some courage to ask that question. I always believed if I asked the question “when do you expect you will make a decision?” That would make the interviewer feel rushed. Maybe because he/she had a couple more days of interviewing before they make the decision. Or maybe he/she have a handful of great candidates and is not sure how long her decision will take or simply because he/she is just the interviewer and they do not make the ultimate decision.

    1. Thanks for the question. When it comes to cell phone numbers, it is not recommended for you to call him or her without prior approval. A cold text or call could cause more damages than good. I suggest making a follow up call (to the office) a day or two after the interview and, if no response, reach out once again between 4 and 6 days. I strongly recommend a hard copy letter as well.
      Hopefully this helps.

  5. I honestly think making a call back to check on your status is perfectly fine. It shows that you have interest in the job, and its real eager waiting for that call. So most people do themselves. But I agree you should definitely limit the calls to at least 2-3 times. If you don’t hear anything, then its time to move on to something else.

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