RESPECT in the work place begins with you

DSC_0064True enough, everyone wants to be treated with respect and dignity in the work place. Unfortunately, for many, respect and dignity as a concept does not mean that it can be bought or paid for in the workplace, it has to be earned, and I am a firm believer in the old saying “respect begets respect” and yes, we must treat others in the same way we desire to be treated. This means doing things that would professionally motivate others to do unto us what we do unto them.

Respect in the workplace is a fundamental expectation and the concept ‘professional respect’ is gaining much popularity because it relates to equity, justice, fairness, courtesy, and living peaceably with others. In fact, many would agree that apart from job stability, remunerations and compensations, health benefits, and work life balance, RESPECT is THE potent reason why many employees would keep or seek out new employment.

In the workplace, everyone wants and deserves recognition, such as being respected for hard work and the values they add to the company. Another truth: Appreciation counts for a lot of motivation while not recognizing the hard work a person brings to the table amounts to discontentment and lack of respect.

CC Connection tip: Workplace respect is based on the abilities and skills of an employee being sensitive to diversity and treating people the way you would like to be treated.

Here are a few tips you can do to create an environment for workplace respect to thrive:

  • Treat others the way you would like for people to treat you: This is the number one rule that would promote a healthy and civil workplace and atmosphere in any organization. Treating people with politeness, kindness, and courtesy goes a long way to create a work friendly environment.
  • Be sensitive to the ability and contributions as well as the disabilities of others: Be sure to acknowledge the fact that everyone has something to offer, no matter how small or intangible you think they are. To encourage mutual respect, get rid of that egocentric and ‘I know it all’ attitude. Remember, the world does not revolve around one person, namely YOU.
  • Be attentive and listen to what others have to say: It is rude to speak over people. Do not cut people off when they are speaking and of course letting them know that you are attentive makes people happy.
  • Encourage others around you by urging them to express opinions and ideas: Fact is, the success of a company cannot depend on just one person; it takes a team, their ability and contributions to make things happen.
  • Name calling, insulting people, and putting others down is a big NO. This is such an irresponsible thing to do, in fact it is one of the fastest ways to lose the support and respect of others in the work place. Name calling, insulting and undermining others eventually adds up to become workplace bullying, not a pleasant thing to be associated with and you don’t want to deal with that.
  • Be in control over your words and actions at all times: You can check yourself and be in control by not acting before you think. Knowing what brings out the worse and the best in you enables you to better manage reactions.
  • Build bridges of friendship, trust, and respect: A true bridge builder is sensitive and offers solution-based approaches to resolving workplace conflicts. Being able to deal with diversity by treating people with fairness and equity is the key to positive relationships.

RESPECT for others starts with respect for you. In order to earn the respect of others you must be able to respect yourself and this will inevitably attract the respect and civility of others unto you.

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16 thoughts on “RESPECT in the work place begins with you”

  1. I also believe that no one works only for a paycheck, there has to be more to the job for employees to be happy. Respect and working as colleagues are very good examples. Great article!

  2. Fantastic article and great bullet points for all professionals to keep in mind as well as a refresher for all. Lets earn our respect like the baby boomer generation!

  3. Respect. Something that every human being has the ability to give and get in return. It is also something that seems to be lost on teenagers and younger children these days. I hope that I can be respectful enough to show every one the way its done.

  4. Respect is a feeling of joy and makes you want to do good. I feel it is slipping away with each generation. It also seems to take only one strong person with the great skill to slowly change people around them. Very well written.

    1. It does seem social/cultural respect is slipping… as a business owner, finding quality employees who recognize respect is earned can be a tedious chore. Needless to say, we often settle for less than what is hoped for. Thank you for your insight.

  5. In all aspects of life we should want to respect all man and woman. No matter what their race, sex, or preference is.. We as humans have that social ability to act accordingly..

  6. I completely agree with you . About one year ago at my old job one of the employees would have a rude way to speak with me. For example if I asked her to file some paperwork . She would say something like Do I look like I have time for that? or simply ignore me. I just brushed it off at that moment but I did speak with my boss. I continued to talk to her with respect and she eventually talked to me in a civil manner.

    Karla Marrero

  7. This is a great article, as a manager I try to instill in my employees that respect is a huge part of communication. When you communicate respectfully to one another we can hear the other persons points of view. Everyone will not always agree or have the same outlook on things but I feel that as long as we have that respect for one another we will always succeed in the company.

  8. To me, respect is very important for everyday life, especially where you work. I always try to respect people to the best of my ability and only expect the same in return!

  9. This article is very stern on respect in the workplace. All employees should have respect for one another. Respect starts with the managers! The ones above should set examples for their employees. I agree, respect is very important you should give what you want to receive.

  10. Respect is a good feeling especially when you receive it from people you don’t know. At a workplace, respect is very important and that’s what all employees want from other people, to each other and mostly themselves. We all want to receive respect, but you have to realize that not everyone is not going to respect you and that can be pretty difficult.

  11. I feel that without any respect in the work place makes the work you do harder than it is. To me when you are recognize for your work your day would go by smooth and then you wont just look at the job as a pay check but more so as a the company you can really see yourself growing with.

    1. Remember that respect is earned, especially for the new employee. Once you show your peers and supervisor of your high performance, respect and recognition should follow quickly. If no respect or recognition is ever received, perhaps one should reevaluate their employment situation and look at alternatives. Just saying…

  12. I found that having empathy, for my fellow co-workers, and showing a high level of respect to management and others, has always put me in a position to receive praises, promotions, and rewards.

  13. This article is so true, I am a firm believer regarding respect in the work place. At the end of the day, the tips listed above shows stunning team work and a pleasant work environment.

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