TI (10) Motivation: an elusive slinky

DSC_0272Motivation is a mysterious animal. One day she’s held comfortably among stable reminders as to why one works with diligence while the next day she slithers away like an elusive slinky, justifying a day-to-day humdrum. Once distracted from course, regaining ones most-wanted mojo can be quite the chore.

Examining David’s situation, being a victim of an illegal termination placed a heavy burden beyond the surface, affecting mojo like soul without shadow. I recently spoke to David and asked about the concept of motivation.

David: “Not sure why, but I can’t seem to get out of the funk. I’m researching positions and trying to get a grip on options. The hardest thing is getting the right mindset. You see, I committed myself completely in my last position and to have it all taken away like it was. I wonder if people get off on being mean. I wonder if Bertha got off when she did what she did.”

Danny: “I don’t think people are inherently mean or find their mojo by placing pain in others. Then again, what you say about Bertha may prove this theory wrong; who knows, maybe karma’s boomerang will come face to face to her soon. Truth is, everyone goes through tough times. Statistically speaking, the majority of employees experience downsizing. What you are going through is not yours alone, though it feels like it. Best thing to do is continue with positive affirmations and turn this challenge into an opportunity.”

David: “Challenge into an opportunity, seriously? I got fired, no challenge there.”

Danny: “I know it’s hard but take a look at how you define you. Not how others define you. Last week we discussed the idea of ‘living or existing.’ It’s clear you’ve been existing, not living. Again, you are not alone as most don’t live, they exist. Look around, people exist in the Thorazine zone, wasting good air while pretending to be alive. Truth is, most live in a walking coma.”

David: “Yeah, seems like by the end of the day I just go to bed without accomplishing anything except doing a good job at doing nothing. Guess I’m in the zone too. There are things I’ve been thinking about doing. One thing I’ve always wanted to do.”

Danny: “That’s it. The one thing you’ve always wanted to do. That’s where motivation fuels life and life, in turn, fuels motivation. I encourage you, as I encourage everyone, to follow that one thing. What is it you’ve wanted to do and how does it make you feel when thinking about that one thing?”

David: “Write a book. Not sure it would be a best seller but thinking about sharing my life, my struggles, and getting back up, how this could be an inspiration to others who stumbled or found life to be a heavy burden. I find passion and reason just thinking about doing it, is that the motivation you’ve been talking about? Problem is, what do I do once I know what I want to do?”

Danny: “Do it.”

The ability to recognize and capture motivation does not come with a set of directions. David had to undergo an unfortunate circumstance to find and pave what he truly wants.

What about you? Are you on the path forged by coincidence or one forged by your own dreams? Are you finding satisfaction in your work, in your life, and in your world? Are you motivated? If not, why not?

Why not, I ask? Here’s a clue, FEAR. Fear destroys motivation by trapping dreams inside a door-less room. In the beginning of this article, an elusive slinky was referenced to describe motivation. Upon additional reflection, I don’t think that’s an accurate statement.

Motivation is not elusive, it is either wanted or unwanted. Prove to me if this is untrue. Toy with me for a moment: In your life has good enough been good enough and will always be good enough? If so, you proved me right.

Hard truth: In life, there are no dress rehearsals… got it?

I coach people to live, not to exist. It brings comfort to know David is beginning to tread upon his dreams and is motivated to conquer personal and professional challenges. I think he wants it and looks forward to his story; no doubt it will prove to be interesting. As for you and your mojo, I’m not so sure…. Are you?

If you have any questions or would like to add to the journey, contact me directly at dhuffman@educationcareerservices.com to see how ECS can help you. Be sure and have your peers join in on the conversation and adventure… they may thank you one very difficult day.

Danny Huffman, MA, CEIP, CPRW, CPCC
Education Career Services: www.edu-cs.com
Blog site: https://careerbreakout.wordpress.com
West Orlando News Online, Event and Career Columnist: http://westorlandonews.com

2 thoughts on “TI (10) Motivation: an elusive slinky”

  1. “Turning challenges into an opportunity”,( Huffman D. 2014) This statement is profound. Profound because it makes you identify with who you really are. You must ask yourself the question, will you except the hand this game call life has dealt to you and just quit. Is the game really over? Will you play again! Can you overcome the challenge of failure. Will you allow the negative to defeat you? When situation or circumstances go in the complete opposition way of what you have planned. What you do next is imperative on who and what you really are! No one plans to fail ! As children, we all planned the happily ever after. No one plans for the Nightmare! When bad things happen to good people it will allow for character to be developed. If you are a winner, no matter the circumstance you will do just that ! Win as long as you don’t quit! Get back in the game! You will determine your results. You are the story teller of your life ! How will your story end? You can still have your happily ever after ! Majesty Divine

    1. Well stated Majesty,
      Your thoughts and manner of writing showcase a lady with a great deal of confidence. I would like to read more from you. Perhaps you would like to share more with a blog or two of your own?
      You make me proud.

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