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Career Performance Excellence

With a New Year and an opportunity to partner with seasoned career professionals trained to “equip and empower YOU to become an excellent employee,” today promises to be a new beginning. Christian HELP, Central Florida Employment Council (CFEC), and Education Career Services has partnered with one goal in mind: YOUR CAREER SUCCESS.

cfji-logo InitiaveThe goal of the Central Florida Jobs Initiative (CFJI) is intensive: To connect employers with qualified and job-ready candidates.

For those unemployed, underemployed, and/or recently graduated, this FREE six-session program has the potential to lift you well above other candidates. For those serious about career progression and career satisfaction, make the call today at 407.796.3650 or visit www.cfji.org for details.

The six interactive modules address recruiting and retention challenges with which human resource professionals encounter, developing techniques to your advantage. Throughout each workshop, you will be introduced to a wide range of career strategies and applications proven to enrich your personal and professional development.

Highlights of the six complementary classes are as follows:

Creating Your Job Search Plan: Addresses effective job search and career management strategies as well as common techniques to overcome the psychological effects when faced with unemployment.

Crafting Your Cover Letter and Resume
: No doubt the key to finding a job is a well-written, value-filled resume and cover letter. These career documents are essential to find long-term and meaningful employment, but yet so many job seekers don’t know what they are—let alone how to write them. Our second of six workshops cover the basic and advanced methods behind writing an effective resume and cover letter, and also provides examples and tips along to the way to YOUR career success.

Networking in the Digital Age: According to a recent study conducted by Harvard University sociologist Mark Granovetter, 74.5% of all jobs come through networking. No doubt networking is a key in success but how does one network effectively? Series three is an ideal guide to get you on the right networking path, and keep you there!

Job Search Tactics: This fourth of six workshops takes you through each step of a digital job search. Everything from selecting an online job search site, creating an online profile, to uploading a resume is covered. Furthermore, alternative methods such as social networking, job fairs, and walk-in’s are detailed.

Interviewing and Impressions: The fifth workshop breaks the interview process into a series of steps. We start with preparation for the big day, move onto the interview, and then cover the follow up. Let this interview workshop be your guide to acing every aspect of the interview by realizing the many values and contributions you offer an employer.

Performance Excellence: The final workshop walks you throughout your 90-day review period and beyond. Be prepared to learn the meaning and process of on-boarding, develop conflict resolution skills, and examine the best practices to give and receive feedback. Furthermore, you’ll be introduced to concepts such as how to handle confidential information and contractual agreements.

Are you ready to be a superstar on the job? Here’s what’s required:

*  Must have a minimum of a high school diploma or GED
*  Must be eligible to work in the United States
*  Must have reliable transportation
*  If applicable, must have reliable childcare
*  Must clear a criminal background

Not just for the individual seeking their career competitive advantage, the Central Florida Jobs Initiative is geared to provide employers with well-trained industry-diverse candidates.

The success of the Central Florida Jobs Initiative depends on partnerships with local organizations and community partners. Local organizations and community partners are offered several ways to participate in the following ways
*  Providing mentors for new hires
*  Module training
*  Facility usage
*  Mock interviewing

In addition, the Central Florida Jobs Initiative provides a great candidate resource from which to identify, interview, and possibly select to fill your employment openings. If you are interested in participating, please contact Norma M. Perez at (407) 760-3938 or Michael Johnson at (407) 796-3650 for details.

To learn more, go to www.cfji.org for a complete Central Florida Jobs Initiative overview.

Education Career Services is proud to partner with Christian HELP and play an instrumental role in developing and publishing cutting-edge career management material for the Central Florida Jobs Initiative as well as thousands of job seekers across the United States. For those interested in career management courseware, full length books, or employment-targeted booklets, visit “Danny at ECS” on Amazon or go to www.edu-cs.com for a complete listing of available support. You may also contact me directly: dhuffman@educationcareerservices.com.

See YOU at the workshops!

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