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Career Advantages for the Empathic HSP

DSC_0006It might be hard to imagine how being empathetic could turn into a successful career. Perhaps as a Highly Sensitive Person you found yourself in more corporate jobs geared toward marketing, sales, or something similar only to find that you were miserable to your very core.

True enough, there are plenty who enjoy these jobs and are able to do them to the fullest of their ability. Just as true, you may also know you are not one of those people. As a result, it may have been (or remains to be) quite frustrating to look for a job with the character traits you may exhibit as a Highly Sensitive Person.

If you have not considered the marketable potential of your empathy, then let’s take a look at a few careers where you may find consistent to comfort without compromising career success.

First and most obvious is the health industry. If you have empathy for people and their needs, then you just might belong there. It takes a special brand of compassion to make a career in this industry. If you have yet to consider a career within the health industry – it could be your calling and should be considered.

If you immediately think only of doctors and nurses while contemplating the health industry, think again. While these are good possibilities, and would be great uses of your empathy, consider all of the promising roles within the medical community. Customer service, for example, from hospitals to doctor’s offices, will always need warmth, kindness, and understanding.

If you find that your capacity to empathize with others is quite vast, look into becoming a counselor or social worker. Your gift of understanding another person’s point of view could drastically change someone’s life… the reward of such work can be quite immense. Some people with this capacity have also made successful independent careers for themselves as life coaches.

Additionally, you should consider education. There is a massive need for empathy within the industry of education. Students need someone who can understand their struggles in learning, and not blindly expect them to absorb mere information. Think back to a teacher who influenced your life… the catalyst sparking you to become who you are today can be brought forth by you.

When considering options, the best thing to do is still (and always will be) volunteer. Not only is it deeply rewarding to give back to your community, but you can gain invaluable experience and insight. Through volunteer work you have the opportunity to feed your empathy to levels rarely found in profit-driven establishments.

When it comes down to it, there are advantages an HSP individual offers over non-HSP candidates. The inherent ability to connect is one of the most sought after traits companies seek to acquire. Backed by knowledge and confidence, there’s no better time than this moment to step beyond the sidewalk and into challenges desiring and seeking what you have to offer.

We’ll continue evaluating effective career management methods as the holidays approach but always welcome your input, suggestions, and questions.

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