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What is YOUR weakness?

DSC_0055There I am, in the interview I’ve been waiting for my whole life.  Giving the performance of a life-time, worthy of an Oscar, I know I’m nailing this and about to land my dream job, then, all of a sudden, I’m asked, “What is your weakness?”

I sit stunned for a nano-second.  Think, think…what on earth ARE my weaknesses?  I don’t know.  I’ve never really thought about it.  Chocolate?  Puppies?  Monkeys riding ponies at the circus?  I just don’t know!  Arrogantly some may say, “I don’t have any weaknesses.”  Which of course we all know is not true because in truth, we all have weaknesses.  It’s just that it’s not everyday that we have to answer, nor confess, such a question to a complete stranger sitting across from you.

Tip of the day: Not all weaknesses are negative.

Think about it.  What would your friends or family say were your biggest weaknesses?

Once you have thought about it, think of how you would communicate the answer in an interview to a potential employer.  What weaknesses are you going to bring to the workplace.  Then, how are you going to deal with it/them constructively.  Answer honestly but be careful what you say and how you respond to his or her reply.

Like most, I find that I am my own worst critic, beating myself up if I made an error, no matter how tiny the error was. I am better about it these days, but before learning how to channel criticism or being corrected, I would let it eat at me for quite some time.

In essence we all make mistakes and it’s okay, we are all human.  Thing is, don’t make the same mistake too often, if you make the same mistake too often, it becomes a problem.

Can weaknesses become strengths?  Of course, not all weaknesses are bad by any means.  Instead of beating oneself up over a mistake, take ownership of it and turn it into a learning experience.  Take the criticism constructively and apply it positively the next time you might feel like you are about to slip.  Remember it, but don’t dwell on it.  Truth is, those at the top didn’t run all the way up those stairs, some missed the occasional step along the way.

This weakness question is the kind of interview question that can throw you off track if you’re not prepared because more often than not, you won’t be prepared. To the person holding the interview, a blank stare places the applicant in a disadvantage.

Truth is, we all possess weaknesses… you are not alone. Until next time, enjoy the opportunity, learn from it, get out there, and GET THAT JOB!

Do you have a specific question? If so, jot down your ideas within the comment space and we’ll take it from there.

Yolande Kennedy