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Seasonal Slow or Holiday Go?

December 2012 059With seven weeks to go until Christmas, many seeking employment or a career shift downgrade activities to a seasonal slow. Though I acknowledge the psychological rationalizations to slow to a turtle pace and enjoy the remainder of the year; that lack of action may not be in your best interest. As a result, I strongly recommend the second of two choices: holiday go.

According to recent labor report cards, NOW is the time many companies are hiring. True most opening positions are seasonal and part time, it does not have to stay that way.

Here’s a suggestion: Instead of not earning an income over the next two months, step out of your comfort zone and secure a part time seasonal position. For those afraid or embarrassed to work in retail (and yes, go ahead and admit you have an attitude problem needing resolve), there are benefits beyond standing on your feet. For example, you never know who your next customer may happen to be. Suppose he or she is a hiring executive at a company you have always wanted to work for, by treating the customer professionally and attentively, networking skills can push you into an interview.

True story: Several years ago I was looking for a receptionist and two office personnel. I happened to walk into a Kohl’s and was helped by a young lady with such professionalism that I asked her if she was interested in a position outside of retail. Needless to say, three weeks later, she was one of two selections I found during a holiday shopping spree.

Did you know: Part time often equates into full time… but this is not automatic.

Keys to transitioning from seasonal to full time

  • Always look and act professionally (to peers, supervisors, and customers)
  • Never complain
  • Let your supervisor know you are interested in continuing employment beyond the season
  • Be yourself
  • Don’t be arrogant
  • Don’t fool around, Tweet, or Facebook while on the job
  • Be positive and keep in the holiday spirit

Okay, so you are on the holiday go mindset… now what? Fortunately for you, I happened to be listening to the Clark Howard show this morning. A topic of discussion he presented was entitled “Who’s hiring this holiday season?” For a complete listing, is suggest taking a look at http://www.ClarkHoward.com and check it out for yourself. To summarize, here’s a peek at the top five companies hiring (based on projected hires):

  • UPS: hiring 95,000 seasonal workers
  • Macy’s: hiring 86,000 seasonal workers
  • Amazon: hiring 80,000 seasonal workers
  • Target: hiring 70,000 seasonal workers
  • Kohl’s: hiring 67,000 seasonal workers

Looks like NOW is NOT the time for a seasonal slow.

Hoping your career journey is an exciting and rewarding one, I am always here to help in the process.

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