Jamais vu

Over the next few moments, take a self-psychological moment and get into the conviction of jamais vu.

Seeing eyeless allows one to gain insight and empathy into a world most know nothing about or are too afraid to invest emotionally.

jamais vu.
Andrei Lazarev, Unsplash

Crossing the bridge onto renewing adventures is challenging. For those leaving prison and entering a new world the level of trauma is dominated by an eerie sense of misplacement.

Try to imagine entering a new world after 13 years wrongly incarcerated as Duck experienced.

One of our goals at 2nd Chance University is to bring worlds together through life experiences from Duck, Stick, and many others contributing to our curriculum.

Don’t just read the lines from Duck, for a moment, feel each word and emotion. Come to understand crossing the bridge is not a matter of walking through an opened steel door.

Doing Time

Nothing was more intense than approaching the door for the final time. I grabbed mismatched clothes, got a bus voucher, and held my head high. No greater feeling at the time. Looking back, I don’t see release as a success. Release meant I let people down. After all, if I had done right, I would have never been sent to prison in the first place. This failure will haunt me every moment of my life.

After serving 13 years Duck entered a changed world. For a moment, place yourself in his shoes and imagine how your life would be if you were locked away for the next 13 years.

  • What world would you enter?
  • What do you think the most difficult adjustment you would have to make?

Escape jamais vu: See eyeless to transcend self/social-delusion.

I welcome your stories to be added into our series. If you chose to share or support, email me directly.

For those wishing to introduce 2nd Chance University justice-involved empowerment programs into an organization, institution, or facility, step forward; together we can make a difference.

Danny Huffman
2nd Chance University

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