2nd Chance University

2nd Chance University

2nd Chance University’s alternative to incarceration, youth empowerment, and adult pre-post release digital and brick/mortar workshops and courseware are grounded by trauma-informed care, holistic best-practices, and life-changing applications.

In 2012, 2nd Chance University built a foundation for the Central Florida Jobs Initiative to be launched, instilling hope for a brighter future and empowering the disenfranchised to bring about personal and professional success. Of the 485 participants, 384 completed the course successfully (79% completion rate). For those who completed the course, the placement rate was 66%, or 253 individuals. Over the years, this holistic program expanded to multiple venues throughout Florida.

Showcasing evidence-based results proven to decrease recidivism, build strong communities, and save millions of taxpayer dollars, participants undergo a fundamental paradigm shift through our innovative courseware measured by our proprietary Commitment, Hope, and Empowerment (CHE) Quotient.

Empowering, educating, employing… Dedicated to bringing families back together is 2nd Chance University’s mission.

  • Immediate taxpayer savings: Under $5.00/day per offender in our four-month, 18 booklet program
  • Evidence based: Results tracked and given to assigned judicial body. delivering proven results, boasting a 79% completion rate—and of these, 66% found gainful employment
  • Turn-key: With train-the-trainer sessions, facilitator guide and support, digital and hard print, courseware and smooth operations ready within weeks

The issue of recidivism isn’t new, but our approach is.

2nd Chance University helps participants increase self-awareness, personal responsibility, and empathy, guiding them to live a fully empowered life and staying on the course to success.

With branches across the United States, together we will build a better tomorrow, today.

http://www.2ndChanceUniversity.org    321.972.8919

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Empowering, educating, and employing the justice-involved

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