Reality Check: If nothing changes, NOTHING changes.

Change takes action. Change is something you do. Change is not something that happens without effort.

Empowering, educating, employing… Dedicated to bringing families back together is 2nd Chance University’s mission.

United State of America is the land of opportunity. No matter your situation, your background, or your neighborhood, YOU hold the power to create success. Oftentimes, a little help is all you need to regain confidence, belief, and direction. 2nd Chance University delivers the most up to date and effective applications for your advantage.

Truth is, YOU hold the power to create success BUT you also hold the power to fail… The choice is yours. If you choose success, know success requires action.

The first step is yours to take… We offer:

  • Individual, self-paced, empowerment programs encompassing the complete life-changing package
  • Three and six month pre-release offender transition programs (organic and turnkey)
  • Three and six month post-release offender reintegration programs (organic and turnkey)
  • Three and six month Alternative High School Youth empowerment programs
  • One and three month Community Empowerment Series designed for everyone in the neighborhood
  • One and three month Veteran Empowerment Programs tailored for those who have served our country

Fully customizable to match demographic needs and conditions, 2nd Chance University is designed to partner with communities, prisons, and organizations to meet and exceed challenges on the local, regional, and national level.

Method: The foundation of 2CU’s curriculum, philosophy, and applications capture:

  • Relationship Education
  • Consciousness Hierarchy
  • Looking Glass Self-Theory
  • Cognitive Behavioral Theory
  • Success, Today and Tomorrow
  • Power of Visualization/Affirmation
  • Life Skills (including Financial Management)

With branches across the United States, together we will build a better tomorrow, today.    321.972.8919


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