Career Break Out (“Walls, Bars, and Razor Wire… You Choose”) and is designed for the individual shouldering barriers who want to succeed personally and professionally. Our first edition found a strong following and helped many ex-felons throughout the country. I would love to see prisons (Florida included) handing out this book one month prior to inmate release and/or develop “boot camp” classes to better prepare upcoming releases.

Walls, Bars, and Razor Wire… You Choose” is the initial phase and summarizes the intensive 4-week, 6-book interactive workshop produced and implemented by “2nd Chance University.” The 6-book pre-release and/or post release workshops go into great depth, beginning with self-analysis, looking glass theory, affirmations, visualizations, etc. while the following interactive workshops and book journey the job search, networking, interviewing strategies (heavy concentration on the “arrest” response) resume/document preparation, and personal/professional development (just to name a few elements during our sessions).

For additional information or to order “Walls, Bars, and Razor Wire… You Choose,” visit or call 321-972-8919.


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