Not long ago, we posted an article about the beneficial characteristics of being a Highly Sensitive Person, or HSP. The question is: Being an HSP, how can one capitalize on those underlying traits and use them to propel you into a successful career?

DSC_0105For the next few weeks we’re going to delve into four characteristics highlighted in our original article and learn how those traits can take you to the next level professionally. We’ll start with my personal favorite:


For the Highly Sensitive Person, whether artistically or professionally creative, it is of the utmost importance to learn to offer your gifts without fear of rejection.

But how?

Even people who aren’t Highly Sensitive have this fear and may seem like an impossible feat. The contradiction can’t be more obvious: How does an HSP simultaneously embrace their sensitivity and take action that defies it?

One word – skill. Build up your skill and sharpen it. Even if what you do comes naturally, your plan now is to offer it to the corporate world in exchange for a salary, supporting your gift with results. No one argues with results; always keep that in mind as a motivating force.

What area of your creativity can best be honed and shaped into a marketable asset?

Are you a writer? Take writing classes and workshops and get feedback. Most importantly, get feedback from strangers. Learn to write in multiple styles and voices and build a portfolio of objectively great samples. Don’t forget the depth of the writing field. Blogs, website content, social media marketing, movie/music/food/event reviews, and the list goes on – you can find your niche or explore all of them. Look into freelance work for any of the above, you might be surprised.

Are you an artist? Branch out. Take a break from your Jackson Pollock-style bedroom musings and volunteer to paint a mural for your community. Look into freelance work for logo design. Find anything that builds your resume/portfolio and reinforces your skill.

Now, for the professionally creative, you need to hone your skills as well. Where does your creative skillset lie? Organizing? Team-building? Streamlining?

Look around your current job. If you see an opportunity to creatively improve something within your work environment, discuss it with your superior. Your initiative will be recognized as the vast majority of companies are always seeking creative problem solvers… just like you. If this wouldn’t work for you, find a volunteer position to showcase your talent in some way.

No matter how much or what kind of creativity you possess, volunteer work is a great way for you to sharpen your skills and explore possibilities. Not only will this be gratifying for you, but it will look great on your resume and you will have tangible results to share with those who ask what your creativity can bring to their team.

To make things simpler, here are two links that can get you started with career opportunities (check them out and let me know your impressions and results):

Personally inviting you to share, send questions and professional stories my way.

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