2CU: Mark and You

Fresh from prison release, Mark gives a unique perspective many will identify with.


Used to get around fine, hitting around the block and doing enough to get things done. Got into some trouble and needed cash in a hurry. The guy I was delivering to was not who he was supposed to be.

Same old story. Got busted and found a way out by going inside. Did some time in county and a year in state. Not much time but enough to know I got the rest of my life with this on my back.

After getting released, not many places gave me a chance. Got my GED inside, but that’s not enough.  Don’t know if I am going to make it but hoping this series can help get me on the track and out of prison. Truth is, without a job doesn’t look like a good start.

Oh yeah, name’s Mark and I got out 26 days ago.


In what ways can you identify with Mark?

I welcome your stories to be added into our series. If you chose to share or support, email me directly. For those wishing to introduce 2CU and our programs into an organization, institution, or facility, please step forward; together we can make a difference.

Danny Huffman
2nd Chance University

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